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All too often, the process of buying men’s shirting is a frustrating one.  Department stores, mid-market specialty stores and even exclusive boutiques present an array of options that’s difficult to navigate.  While having access to a wide range of colors and patterns is beneficial, sizing, collar types, buttons and even contrast stitching can vary from shirt to shirt.  Based on the wearer’s preferences in each category, it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect shirt.  Custom dress shirts are more than an alternative to the problems of ready-to-wear shirting; they’re the definitive answer.  Instead of settling for the shirt that comes closest to the wearer’s expectations, a custom dress shirt ensures that every single aspect of his shirt is tailored to his specific tastes and needs. 


Day One

Once the client decides to initiate the custom shirt process, day one will require the most work.  However, instead of thinking about it as work, consider this first day a conference of sorts between the client and the tailor.  There are several aspects of the shirt that need to be selected before even a single measurement is taken.  The client will select a fabric from the options, sourced from only the finest mills.  Then, he’ll go through each piece of the shirt selecting the collar, pattern, color, buttons, sleeve cuff and placket.  This is a shirt that will be tailored down to every detail.  If the client needs recommendations based on his body type or personal aesthetic, the tailor can provide expert guidance.


After hashing out the details of the shirt, a series of specific measurements will be taken.  From the length of the client’s arms to the width of his chest to the full length of his torso, everything must be taken into consideration to ensure the perfect fit.  Upwards of 20 measurements may be taken to guarantee accuracy.


The Next Steps

The shirt details, preferences and measurements are used to create a paper prototype.  The fabric is cut according to the specifications of the prototype.  These pieces are then sewn together to create the final shirt.  Once the shirt is complete, the client will come in to try on the finished product.  During this fit session, the tailor and the client will assess the shirt for fit and comfort.  They’ll go over the client’s preference list and ensure that all is in order.  At this stage, if any alterations need to be made, the changes will be noted and sent off.  If everything checks out, the client will leave with his custom dress shirt the same day.


Though not as involved as custom shoes or suiting, the custom shirt process can take between 6-8 weeks.  However, the end result is a shirt that fits every aspect of the client’s body perfectly.  From uneven arm length to broad shoulders to short torsos, the custom dress shirt can address all concerns that are neglected by its ready-to-wear counterpart.  For the man who’s looking for shirting that will last for years to come and complement his physique and suiting, custom shirting is the only choice.