A Family Story

Tailoring has been at the very core of setting the foundation for Mustafa’s family.  When his grandfather’s pension was not enough to make ends meet, his grandmother stepped in, determined to not let the family fall apart.  Maximizing her sartorial talents and limited resources (a single sewing machine), she started teaching a few students from the neighborhood how to sew and stitch.  As more students caught wind of the classes, one sewing machine grew into two; two into four; four to eight, and so on.  Eventually a proper industrial home with more than fifty machines and multiple shifts came into existence.  Not only did this grassroots business support the family members, but it also empowered and educated many students—a great majority being women—who went on to establishing small businesses of their own. 


Aarish Mustafa’s career started in the world of investments and finance, where the demand for a high-quality and bespoke wardrobe coupled with an entry-level salary left him frustrated. It was only then that he set out to establish a brand for people who found themselves in a similar situation. Utilizing his upbringing in a culture of small businesses and masterful craftsmanship, he founded The Tailored Foundation.


The passion for the craft has stayed with the family and continues to inspire the company to find similar families around the world to do business with.  We hope to empower individuals on a global level. Currently, The Tailored Foundation is in the process of partnering with organizations that provide vocational training and education in the developing world.


We look forward to growing into a marquee brand with a socially-responsible approach, and help our customers meet their needs for custom Tailored and handcrafted finishes.